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Berean Hour

Following the Footsteps of Paul

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“Following the Footsteps of Paul”

Acts 3-28

April 2016


Chapter Thirteen

1.Paul and Barnabas Commissioned 13:1-3

2.Sergius Paulus Converted on Cyprus 13:4-12

3.Paul’s address to the Synagogue at Pisidian Antioch 13:16b-41

4.The Sermon’s Aftermath 13:42-52

Chapter Fourteen

1.Acceptance and rejection at Iconium 14:1-7

2.Preaching to Pagans at Lystra 14:8-21a

a.Lame Man healed vv. 8-10

b.Paul and Barnabas Paid Homage vv. 11-13

c.Paul and Barnabas Dismayed vv. 14-18

d.Paul and Barnabas rejected vv. 19-20a

e.The Ministry at Derbe vv. 20b-21a

f.The Missionaries Return to Antioch vv. 21b-28

Chapter Fifteen

1.Debate in Jerusalem over acceptance of Gentiles 15:1-35

a.The criticism from the circumcision party vv. 1-5

b.The Debate in Jerusalem vv. 6-21

c.The Decision in Jerusalem vv. 22-29

d.The Decision reported to Antioch vv. 30-35

2.Paul parts company with Barnabas 15:36-41

a.Paul proposes another trip vv. 36

b.Disagreement over John Mark vv. 37-78

c.Paul and Silas vv. 39-41

Chapter Sixteen

1.Revisiting Derbe, Lystra, and Iconium

a.Called to Macedonia 16:6-10

b.Witnessing in Philippi 16:11-40

i.Founding a church with Lydia vv. 11-15

ii.Healing a possessed servant girl vv. 16-24

iii.Converting a prison keeper’s household vv. 25-34

iv.Humbling the city magistrates vv. 35-40

Chapter Seventeen

Establishing Churches in Thessalonica and Berea 17:1-15

1.Acceptance and Rejection in Thessalonica vv. 1-9

2.Witness in Berea vv. 10-15

3.Witnessing to the Athenian Intellectuals 17:16-34

a.The Athenians Curiosity vv. 16-21

b.Paul’s testimony before the Areopagus vv. 22-31

c.The mixed response vv. 32-34

Chapter Eighteen

Establishing a church in Corinth 18:1-17

1.The Mission to Corinth vv. 1-11

2.The Accusation before Gallio vv. 12-17

3.Returning to Antioch 18:22


1.Apollos in Ephesus 18:23-28

Chapter Nineteen

1.Paul’s witness to the disciples of John the Baptist 19:1-7

2.Paul’s preaching in Ephesus 19:8-12

3.Paul’s encounter with false religion in Ephesus 19:13-20

4.Jewish Exorcists vv. 13-16

5.Overcoming Magic vv. 17-20

6.Paul’s determination to go to Jerusalem 19:21-22

7.Opposition to Paul by the Craftsman of Ephesus 19:23-41

8.Uproar in the Theater vv. 28-34

9.Pacification by the city clerk vv. 35-41

Chapter Twenty

Paul’s final ministry in Macedonia and Greece 20:1-6

1.A productive visit to Greece vv. 1-3a

2.Paul eluded a plot vv. 3b-4

3.The rendezvous in Troas vv. 5-6

4.Restoration of Eutychus 20:7-12

5.Voyage to Miletus 20:13-16

6.Paul’s farewell address to the Ephesian Elders 20:17-35

7.Final Leave taking 20:36-38

Chapter Twenty-One

1.Voyage to Jerusalem 21:1-16

a.Warning at Tyre vv. 1-6

b.Warning of Agabus vv. 7-14

c.Paul’s arrival in Jerusalem vv. 15-16

2.The Plan of the Jerusalem Elders 21:17-26

3.The Riot and Paul’s arrest in the Temple area 21:27-36

4.Paul’s request to address the crowd 21:37-40

Chapter Twenty-two

1.Pauls’ speech before the Temple crowd 22:1-21

2.The attempted examination by the Triune 22:22-29

Chapter Twenty-three

1.Paul before the Sanhedrin 22:30-23:11

2.The Plot to ambush Paul 23:12-22

3.Paul is hustled to Caesarea 23:23-25

Chapter Twenty-four

1.The trial in Caesarea 24:1-23

a.The charges vv. 1-9

b.Paul’s rebuttal vv. 10-21

c.Felix’s Indecision vv. 22-23

2.Paul and Felix in private 24:24-27

Chapter Twenty-five

1.Festus pressured by the Jews 23:1-5

2.Paul’s appeal to Caesar 25:6-12

3.Festus conversation with Agrippa 25:13-22

4.Paul before Agrippa: The Setting 25:23-27

Chapter Twenty-six

1.Paul’s address before Agrippa 26:1-23

2.Paul’s appeal to Agrippa 26:24-29

3.Pauls’ Innocence declared by Governor and King 26:30-32

Chapter Twenty-seven

1.Paul’s journey to Fair Havens 27:1-8

2.The decision to sail on 27:9-12

3.Pauls’ words of assurance 27:21-26

4.The prospect of landing 27:27-32

5.Paul’s further encouragement 27:33-38

6.The deliverance of all 27:39-44

Chapter Twenty-eight

1.Wintering in Malta 28:1-10

a.Paul’s deliverance from the viper vv. 1-6

b.The hospitality of Publius vv. 7-10

2.Rome at last 28:11-16

3.Paul and the Roman Jews 28:17-29

4.An epilogue without a conclusion 28:30-32

Zion Christian Assembly Berean Hour

Bishop Dr. William Monroe Polley, Pastor

Pastors Gerald Collins, Joann Betton, James Littleton


The Holy Bible

Acts: Shepherd’s Notes; Holman Reference

Acts: Lamplighters; Stewart, John

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