The purpose of the Department of Men's Ministry is to introduce people to Jesus, disciple them into the body of believers, equip them for their ministry in the church and world, and empower them to serve. As brothers in Christ, we must provide support, encouragement and assistance to one another. We will hold ourselves accountable for our spiritual and emotional growth and development. In addition, we will continually stay prayerful for our pastor as he receives revelation from God for ourselves, our families and this ministry.


Through prayer and discipleship, we will allow God’s Word to direct and guide us as the Men of Zion. We will humbly and respectfully submit to pastoral wisdom, leadership, and authority. We will walk in our divine destiny as Mighty Men of Valor to be effective leaders in our homes, church, places of employment, and community. We will fulfill the call of God on our lives to be holistic and productive men in the earth.